Every journal as reviewed and published by us has its own policies & guidelines as mentioned below:

  • Policy on Publication Ethics
  • Policy on Plagiarism
  • Policy on Scholarly Misconduct
  • Peer Review Policy
  • Copyright Policy
  • Archival Policy
  • Code of Conduct for Editors
  • Code of Conduct for Reviewers
  • Guidelines for Authors

The above mentioned policies and guidelines are available on the journal specific web URLs. Please visit the journal specific URLs for detailed policies and guidelines.

Ethics and guidelines for Editors/Reviewers:

The journals adopt blind-peer review in the screening of the articles submitted in the IRA_Paper Template. Blind peer review means that the reviewer is anonymous to the authorship as well as the author also anonymous to the reviewership. This is adopted for the independent review of the submitted articles and to bring acceptability only to the original pieces of scholarly works. This makes the journal a refereed publication to establish the publishing credibility.

Upon submission of the articles, the same are screened for plagiarism or originality checks using implemented softwares and programmes. Only original or non-plagiarized articles are referred to the reviewers for their comments on the same.

After receipt of reviewers’ comments on the paper, the designated editor decides as to its acceptance or amendment or rejection.

If the article is positively commented by the reviewers and recommended for its acceptance by the designated editor, the authors are communicated regarding the same to further complete the prescribed formalities of copyright declaration and payment of article publishing fee.

Upon completion of all the prescribed formalities, the authors are issued final acceptance for their articles and the same are published in the upcoming journal issue.

Review and publication ethics:

The journal voluntarily recommends and complies with the reviewing, editing and publishing guidelines and best practices as promulgated by the Committee on Publication Ethics.

The reviewers and editors of the journal are highly expected to adhere the code of conduct for Journal Editors and Guidelines for Peer Reviewers as prescribed by Committee on Publication Ethics.

Guidelines for authors:

Paper Template

The authors submitting their articles/papers to IRA journals are strongly recommended to use IRA_Paper Template for final submission of the paper/article.

Plagiarism Notice

The authors are strongly advised to take high care while using un-cited content or data without giving proper reference in the references part of the submitted article/paper. The copied-pasted articles/papers will be rejected and will not be processed towards editorial review.

Copyright transfer

IRA Copyright Transfer Form

The authors are also required to ensure that they have the copyright in respect of the article/paper to be submitted for review and the same will have to be transferred to the concerned IRA journal to which the paper will be submitted in case the paper/article gets accepted for its publication in the IRA journals.

Archival Policy

Authors are generally allowed to share their published works subject to the condition that the original citation to the publisher is given while sharing the same. The copyright statement is also required to be mentioned while sharing the published works.