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  • Indian Newspapers Framing of ISIS Coverage: A Content Analysis

    A 22-year-old youth, a native of Andhra Pradesh, who had converted to Islam and allegedly joined the Islamic State terror group taking an oath to carry out subversive activities in the country at the instigation of a Mumbai-based IS sympathiser, was arrested by the Hyderabad police on July 24, 2017.This stunning incident shocked  the public and police officials. It shows that ISIS impact on Indian youth. This incident inspired the researchers to do research on coverage of ISIS by Indian Newspapers. The rise of ISIS in 2014, in this reason the researchers selected the August 1st to December 31, in 2014 (5 months’ time period) for the content analysis.  In this research the researchers selected four Indian newspapers two from English (The Hindu and The Times of India) two from Telugu (Andrajyothi and Prajasakthi).It is not a random sample, it is a purposive sample. The coverage shows the intensity of ISIS activities. This study focused on investigating frames employed when covering ISIS and terrorism-related events in Indian newspapers. All data collected were analysed using simple descriptive statistics. Statistical techniques as chi- square and co – efficient of imbalance have been used for analysis. […]

  • Effect of Composite Stock Price Index, Exchange Rate and Interest Rate Share Price of Mining Companies Listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange

    This study aimed to examine the effect of Composite Stock Price Index (Composite Stock Price Index (CSPI)), the exchange rate, and interest rates on stock prices of mining companies listed in Indonesia stock Exchange. This research is associative with quantitative approach. Data were analyzed using panel data regression. The data used is secondary data such as financial data, and the percentage of monthly interest rates over the last three years. The collection of data taken with documentation techniques derived from published reports of Bank Indonesia and the Indonesia Stock Exchange. Sampling was done by purposive sampling with the number nine companies.  The results showed that the CSPI and interest rates but not significant positive effect on stock prices. The rupiah exchange rate and significant negative effect on stock prices. Simultaneously the composite stock price index, the rupiah exchange rate, and interest rates have a significant effect on stock prices of mining companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange.&nbs […]

  • Convergence of Assets under MGNREGS: Case from Amritsar District of Punjab

    Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) is a historic rural development Act aims to guarantee the 'right to work' through passing an Act in the Parliament. The Act while in implementation is known as Scheme so it is known as Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS). MGNREGA/MGNREGS is a powerful instrument for ensuring inclusive growth in rural India through its impact on social protection, livelihood security and democratic empowerment. In this note, a case where convergence of assets was initiated is presented from Dalam panchayat, Harshe Chinna block of Amritsar district. The study was carried out during first week of August 2017 by visiting the area. […]

  • Unearthing the Double Bottom Line Commitments of Indian Microfinance Institutions

    The microfinance industry has emerged from a small domain institution to a broad tool for social development, as many success stories reveal its true potential for serving the society. Nonetheless, like every institution, it has to be sustainable in carrying out its developmental activities. This is where the idea of double bottom line surfaces where a win-win situation is attained for the microfinance institutions along with the clients to whom they are serving. Although there are other unprincipled grounds associated with the concept which obstruct this thought and deviates the MFI activities in accomplishing better and higher revenues. This leads to a trade-off. The paper tries to explore the presence the double bottom line in the MFIs of India. Further, to find if there is a trade-off between financial performance and social performance. A dataset comprising all the Indian MFIs reported in for the period from 2009 to 2013 has been used for the study. The analysis is carried on various indicators that resemble the performance and efficiency of the MFIs. The evidence suggests a moderate trade-off in the operations of the Indian MFIs although largely they adhere to the double bottom line. They are mainly guided by outreach scale in terms of a number of borrowers. […]

  • Cloud, Big-Data and Human Centered Computing towards better Information and Technological Solution in MGNREGA: An Existing and Possible Overview

    The use of Information Technology applications in almost all the sections of the society became one of the common practices in the society. Education, health, government, business, commerce, environment, and other areas, IT and Computing are plays a leading role. The Information Technology is also changing its shape and expanding its components every day. The latest in the list are Cloud Computing, Green Computing, Human Computer Interaction, Big-Data, Analytical Tools, and parallel computing. In the Government sectors, these technologies have valuable contribution and the magnitude of such contribution is increasing day by day. In the MGNREGA project, India, huge amount of information and computers are used and here these emerging technologies may be applied based on requirement and need. This paper discusses the potential applications of Cloud Computing, Big Data. Human Computer Interaction and Parallel Processing to improve the magnitude and speed of information processing in this rural employment project, which is officially termed as MGNREGA (Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, 2005). […]


  • Radioisotopes in Agricultural Industry

    In environment there are approximately 300 nuclei, containing of different components and their isotopes. Isotopes are nuclei having the similar number of protons and different number of neutrons. Radioisotopes can be applied in vast range of agricultural systems. Scientists are solving the mysteries of multitude agricultural difficulties, which could not have been conceivable with formal ways. Radioisotopes were used in many range of application such as killing insects which damage the food grains by radiations, determining the function of fertilizers in different plants and increase the agricultural produce. Fruits, cereals, canned food and vegetables can be stored for longer periods by moderately exposing them to radiations. Uses of radioisotopes applicable techniques are helping the researchers to find the answer of difficulties in much lesser time. Radioisotopes can be produce from different sources such as nuclear reactors and other atomic installations, and this situation have increased the use of radioisotopes in the agricultural systems. The current paper shortly illustrates the importance of radioisotopes and their radiation in the agricultural areas. […]


  • The Study of Peace Awareness among Undergraduate Students

    The word peace can be defined well through three basic point inner peace (peace with self), social peace (means the social understanding, social adjustments and social relationships between the individuals who live in the society) and peace with nature (means to stay in harmony with nature, to obey the natural phenomena and not to disturb the natural dignity through environment and economic exploitation and stratification). Peace education is an umbrella term and can be difficult to define. In a very simple word, peace education give the learners the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values which are necessary to end violence and injustice in the society and promote a culture, inner, social peace within the individual. Peace education is an essential component of quality basic education. It is concerned with helping learners to develop an awareness of the process and skills that are necessary for achieving understanding, tolerance and goodwill in the world today. The present study aims to find out the awareness of peace education among the undergraduate students of the AMU, Aligarh. A sample of 300 undergraduate students was selected by using stratified random sampling. The results and implications of the findings are discussed in the paper. […]

  • Isolation of Factors Differentiating High and Low Levels of Performance of Students in Sarva Shiksha Mission of Hooghly District of West Bengal

    After flourishing execution of District Primary Education Programme (1997-2002) at the primary level, a demand had been generated at the elementary level throughout the country. To meet the demand, Sarva Shiksha Mission had been launched in 2002 throughout the country as a flagship programme where both the Union Government and the Provincial Government joined in hand at the operational level. The present study has been conducted in the eastern and western part of Hooghly district of the state of West Bengal where eastern part of the district is taken as high level of performance of students and western part of the district is taken as low level of performance of students. To illustrate the performance level of elementary students in Sarva Shiksha Mission in term of 25 variables, viz., Age (X1), Calorie intake value (X2), Food intake value (X3), Body Mass Index (X4), Mother’s Education (X5), Use of teaching learning material at school (X6), Communication to School (X7), Mode of communication (X8), attitude of teachers towards students (X9), Adequate Dress during school time (X10), Role of School teachers in understanding text books (X11 ), Role of parents in understanding text books (X12), Access to text (X13), Availability of text books (X14), Home environment (X15), Financial Condition (X16), Encouragement by the social leaders toward education (X17), Encouragement by mother toward Education (X18), Encouragement by the siblings towards Education (X19), Contribution of mother towards study (X20), Contribution of mother towards study (X21), mother’s level of income(X22), encouragement of mother in continuing education (X23), Attitude of mother towards children(X24), Whether engagement in essential household activities(X25), were found to bear substantial impact on the high and low level of performance (Y) of students. […]


  • Cytogenetics and Importance of Genetic Counselling in Recurrent Pregnancy Losses: Experience from Tertiary Care Laboratory

    Loss of pregnancy either naturally or by medical termination is a destructive experience to the couple, especially those experiencing recurrent pregnancy losses (RPL). It is important to rule out the genetic aspect as the cause of pregnancy wastages. This retrospective study aimed to determine the frequency of chromosomal abnormalities and its various cytogenetic types in the samples received by Metropolis Healthcare laboratory, Mumbai. This study was conducted on the samples referred for chromosomal karyotyping with a history of Bad Obstetric History (BOH). The couples who had an experience of two or more pregnancy losses were included in this study. Out of the 2102 samples referred, chromosomal abnormality was recorded in 384 (18.27%) cases. Out of chromosomal abnormal cases, 126 (5.99%) patients had reciprocal translocations out of which 27 (21.43%) were Robertsonian translocations. Inversion of chromosome 9 was seen in 81 (21.09%) patients, while inversion Y in 28 (7.29%) patients,  and polymorphic variation like increase in length of satellite or heterochromatic region recorded in almost 149 (38.30%) patients. Cytogenetic evaluation of couples with recurrent pregnancy losses (RPL) is very important as after knowing the parental chromosomal pattern appropriate counseling can be offered to know the risk of recurrence, option of prenatal diagnosis and also opens the option of reproduction in some cases. This will also help them to have a cytogenetically healthy baby. Since the cytogenetic abnormalities are usually familial, the close blood relatives may also be benefited once the abnormality is detected. […]

  • Determination of Some Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Cattle Manure Pellets

    One of the important subsidiary materials of livestock units is excreta. The livestock waste (including the combination of the Cattle Manure and products case in the bed) as a valuable source of the minerals (Nitrogen 1.78 % , phosphor us 0.5% and potassium 0.99%).For the transportation of the cattle manure in the natural state is difficult and costly due to being low the special mass and the nature of mass. It is produced around 6 million thons the cattle manure yearly in Iran which it is usually filled in the place according to the lack of organic materials of the soils country, the use of the cattle manure causes increasing the productivity of crops. We usually need to some of the mechanical and thermal properties of the cattle manure for producing the pellet by Extruder, so we Survey some of the mechanical and thermal properties of the cattle manure pellet in this research such as the shear stress and the coefficient of thermal diffusivity cattle manure. We obtain the coefficient of the thermal diffusivity manure ( […]