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  • Customer Loyalty of the Cement Products: The Role of Marketing, Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction

    The purpose of this study was to analyze marketing, service quality and its impact on customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, and analyze the influence marketing and service quality on customer loyalty as a mediator customer satisfaction. Research conducted in South Sulawesi province with a sample of 215 local and national developers who use Tonasa cement products. Data from the questionnaires were analyzed using Structural Equation Model using AMOS 18 and Sobel test for mediator effect. The study found that marketing has a negative and no significant effect on customer satisfaction. In general the users complained marketing Tonasa cement applied by the cement Tonasa Company and this is the cause of marketing judged negatively, thus providing insignificant effect on customer satisfaction. Services quality has a positive and insignificant effect on customer loyalty. Service quality has done well, but the demand for service quality shown Tonasa Cement Company contributes insignificant effect on customer loyalty. Marketing has a negative and insignificant effect on customer loyalty as a mediator customer satisfaction. It shows that all the indicator do not provide reinforcement to the marketing variables that cause a negative impact and customer satisfaction is not able to mediate to have a significant effect on customer loyalty. […]

  • The Influence of Financial Resources on the Success of Start-up Business in Kenya

    It is true that no new business succeeds without a detailed and thorough business plan. A complete plan identifies and quantifies the capital that is likely to be required to reach break-even and beyond. Accounting as a business function and innovative activity has to be understood by entrepreneurs as it provides clear picture of the business success. The purpose of this study is therefore to examine the relationship that exists between availability of financial resources and success of new startup business. The objectives were to examine financial sources influencing success of startup business. Government programmes in place, motivating factors as well as obstacles to success of startup business. The study adopted quantitative and qualitative approaches where descriptive design was used to achieve the study objectives. A sample of 25 was taken from the study area. A questionnaire was used as a research instrument for this study. The study found out that majority of new business use family and friends loan to finance their business. Majority disagreed that there are government programmes that support startup business. Access to finance and legal regulations posted as the most obstacles business is facing. Majority of respondents also reported that opportunity of having job and earning money as the main motivating factor to start new business. The study recommends the government should come up with new innovative programmes that will support startup business.  The study concludes that for any business to succeed, regardless of industry or size, has to identify proper sources of finance with government support and proper accounting tools needs to be adopted. &nbs […]

  • The Peculiarities of Family Doctors Retraining in Georgia

    Working out of the human resources development policy and long-term plan, funding of critical specialties and employment of sought-after experts in coastal and mountainous regions, coordination and standardization of continuing and medical education are necessary. Geographical and financial availability of the first healthcare services, create the adequate conditions  of the first healthcare team which one consists: appropriate equipment and physical infrastructure, medical documents, to acknowledge the necessity of team working in healthcare system and define the proper contract obligations for doctors, for the reason of medical service improvement quality in providing the Disease Control national  recommendations and standards availability for regional doctors, encourage the audit systemspread information about the reform of Georgian healthcare in populations and healthcare professionals, encourage patient’s education, check the teaching programs of doctors retraining on which foundation will be able to create better conditions for practical skills. Our country must encourage to hold some priority scientific researches as in the field of state as in international grant program. Above-mentioned can be implemented by the active collaboration with USA and European disease control leading medical schools or universities, scientific funds and other international partner organizations. […]

  • Teacher Performance: Evidence from Indonesia

    This study aims to examine and analyze empirically the effect of work motivation, competence and Islamic leadership on job satisfaction and teacher performance. The research was conducted on all teachers at vocational high school (SMK) in South Halmahera district with a sample of 154 teachers as respondents. Data from the questionnaires were analyzed by Structural Equation Models with the AMOS program Ver.20. The results of the study provide evidence of work motivation and no significant negative effect on job satisfaction. High teacher competences give real effect to increase job satisfaction. Islamic Leadership is either not able to provide a significant effect on job satisfaction. High motivation and demonstrated by teachers today significant effect on teachers performance. High competency has a positive influence but not real on teacher performance. Islamic Leadership is good and indicated by the head of school at this time have a positive and significant effect on teachers performance. The low of job satisfaction demonstrated has a negative and significant effect on teacher performance. The effect of Islamic leadership and work motivation through job satisfaction on performance teachers is positive but not significant. On the other hand the effect of competence through job satisfaction on teacher’s performance has a negative and significant effect. […]

  • Implementation of Public Works in Greater Warangal Municipal Corporation

    A majority of the slum households in Warangal are working as labourers. The slums lack infrastructure facilities such as roads, drainage, housing, electricity, basic education and health, etc. With the implementation of programmes like Swarna Jayanthi Sahari Rozgar Yojana (SJSRY), the community based organizations like neighborhood groups and neighborhood committees have taken roots and they have been participating in the poverty alleviation and other development programmes effectively.  Spread of slums across the city is contributing to unhygienic environment in terms of cleanliness, water stagnation, presence of vectors, etc., which increases vulnerability towards deceases. Living conditions of the poor have consistently deteriorated due to several factors like inadequate environmental infrastructure and basic services. This research article to be discussed the problems and prospects of Implementation of Public Works Programmes in Greater Warangal Municipal Corporation.&nbs […]

  • Marginal Cost Based Lending Rate (MCLR): A Study on the New Regime of Lending Rate Pattern of the Banking Operations in India

    Marginal cost of fund based lending rate (MCLR) is referred as an internal benchmark rate at which the banks can lend to its customers, introduced by Reserve Bank of India (RBI) with effect from 1st April, 2016, charging different rates on the basis of different factors relating to a loan such as marginal cost of funds, Negative carry on account of Cash reserve ratio, operating cost, tenor premium. Banks shall publish internal benchmarks for time period from overnight to one year. Banks shall have the advantage to decide the external benchmark rate related to market determined external factors. Existing loan customers based on BPLR system will be provided the option to switch their loans on the basis of their will and no switching charge is to be applied. MCLR may be considered a double edged sword as referred to the base rate system which was a single edge sword to harm customers as the banks were slowly adopting decreases in base rate and quickly transmitting high interest rate to the customer. MCLR is more of a competitive rate in respect to previous rates as it considers marginal cost of procurement of funds as the banks reach efficiency rates are to be diminished keeping base rate in mind. […]

  • Netflix: An In-Depth Study of their Proactive & Adaptive Strategies to Drive Growth and Deal with Issues of Net-Neutrality & Digital Equity

    Netflix has been on the rise since its beginning in 1997, when one sees it from a distant perspective. However, a close analysis of its unique strategies shows that the company faced several small and big challenges in its growth journey, some of which, had the potential to throw the company away permanently from the market itself. Nevertheless, it responded tactically to all such issues, many of them being dealt in preventive and pro-active manner; while other cases being dealt with quick reactions, essentially faster than any other competitors. This report is a study of many such issues that the company faced, since its beginning till recently, when it almost conquered the whole world, after establishing its feet in China as well, in collaboration with the service provider Baidu. The report also entails some unique strategies that the company followed while continuously and marginally changing its business model, which would seldom be possible in a brick-mortar economy. As such, the company made use of its deeper understanding of how markets react in an internet economy. Effort has been made to throw some light on the way the company has dealt the issues of digital discrimination allegations against it, and also its stance on net neutrality. Finally, some of the challenges and opportunities that the company has encountered recently, including the lawsuits has been touched upon, presenting the company’s as well as outsider media’s view on those, and has been concluded with potential problems and future aspects […]

  • The Beginning of Dutch and English Conflict in Banda and Moluccas in the Early Seventeenth Century

    Why Christopher Columbus did discovered America the new world, why did Vasco da Gama discovered the sea route to reach India. They went and risk their life if search of the Spice Islands. The spices that European was searching were found in Indonesia Archipelago, Bandas famous for nutmeg and mace and Moluccas for its clove. After the formation of the East India Company in the early seventeenth century both the Dutch and English were competing against each other and outmaneuver one another for control of the islands. In the end, it was the Dutch who emerge victories. The Dutch established a monopoly on the spice trade from the Moluccas. They gained control over the clove trade through an alliance with the sultan of Ternate. Dutch occupation of the Banda’s gave them control of the nutmeg trade. Dutch control of the region was fully realized when Malacca was captured from the Portuguese in 1641. The Dutch were quite merciless when it suited their purposes; sometime obliterate the whole native population. By its brutal conquest over the Spice Islands they were able to control over the spice trade. Nevertheless, the English were not left behind whenever there is opportunity they set in to take the advantage of the sour relation between the native and Dutch, as the English played a role of more mercantile communities than occupation. The beginning of the seventeenth century is very important for the two companies as it decide the fate of the spices trade. Both companies were not willing to back out. […]

  • The Family Business as a Driver of the Social Economy: The Case of a Tourist Cooperative in Sinaloa, Mexico

    The family business in the field of social economy represents the actions and commitments it has with its members and the community, according to the philosophy and principles of the cooperative as a business organization; it also helps to strengthen its social capital and promote family integration.The objective of the study was to analyze the family business as a boost to the social economy from the organizational figure of the cooperative, taking as a case study a tourist cooperative in northern Sinaloa, Mexico. This business has more than 30 years’ operating as a cooperative society and is in its third generation, is made up of 15 members, members of the same family who in turn hold the main positions at the general assembly. The research was conducted as a case studywith a qualitative methodology approach, collecting data through observation, review of documents and semi-structured interviews to key family members.The results indicate that the family and cooperative business, share decision-making and collective well-being, promoting the social economy by working together and distributing goods fairly; allowing the continuity of the company for the next generation. […]

  • Supply Chain Management of Fruits: A Case Study on Marketing Channels of Mango in Bidar District, Karnataka

    In the Era of stimulating growth, economic development and ever growing purchasing power of Indian consumer and induction of National horticulture mission by government of India as horticulture is significantly contributing to the Indian GDP and is planned to double the production of horticulture crops. What is required is the review, explore and channelize and have a good market structure essential for the success of the programs implemented by the government which are designed for uplift of population in whole. Indian market is dominated by unorganized retailing due to which there is heavy loss and escalation in the prices of commodities. This study is focused on determining the existence of different supply chains in the Bidar district of Karnataka involved in marketing of mangoes. The study is conducted by the structured questionnaires for the different intermediaries. It involve knowing the existing marketing chains in the district, Problem faced by the intermediaries involved in the marketing of mangoes and fruits in general and the value addition to the products, post-harvest facilities present in the district involvement of the APMC for fruit marketing and its reach and profit to the famers. There are no post-harvest facilities and separate APMC regulated fruit market, co-operative marketing facility is not there and involvement of intermediaries is escalating he price of the produce and producers share in consumer price is very less. […]


  • User Mobility Analysis of Lighting Practices in Konya City Square

    Aim: There have been many urban design application and research studies describing the connection between user movement and space. The Space Syntax Method, an urban design model developed by the Space Syntax Laboratory at University College London, England, seeks to describe the connection between pedestrian movement and spatial formation on a mathematical basis. The Space Syntax is specialized approach used in designing pedestrian connections within the urban structure. It observes pedestrian and vehicle movements, and uses computer programs to calculate the potential effects of design proposals on pedestrian movement.Method: This model is used in many European countries and it provides consistent results for pedestrian movement. This method was utilized to determine the connection between pedestrian movement and the space format in a field described in this study – the Konya City Square. Starting from pedestrian movement and the assembly points, the study recorded the observations and the follow-up of pedestrian movement in Konya city center during a one-week period (at different hours of the day, on weekdays and weekends, in the daytime and at night). A video recording was made and it was turned into pedestrian movement charts. Graphic maps were also prepared and they were compared to the Space Syntax Method. Furthermore, a lighting analysis was conducted in the City Square using the DIALux lighting calculation program and it was found to be consistent with the current records.Conclusion: The study concluded that the lighting work at the City Square underestimated pedestrian movement on the Square, and the monument at the center of the Square lacked visibility and definability. Suggestions were put forward regarding these issues. […]

  • Hyper-spectral Remote Sensing of Water Quality Parameters in Lakes: A Case Study of Hyderabad City, Telangana State, India

    This paper is a research work intended to present a comprehensive water quality modeling for predicting three water quality parameters (Chlorophyll (a), Turbidity and Secchi Depth) in typical Inland lake environments (Hussain sagar and Umda sagar) using Hyperspectral Remote sensing technique. They are estimated through regression models by combining the field Spectro-radiometer reflectance values with concurrent in situ ground data (Analytical) collected in the study area and correlated and validated with the available Hyperspectral data (Hyperion).  A total of 180 in situ water sample and 900 spectral signatures were analysed during campaigns from 2010 to 2014 study period. The mean values of Chlorophyll-a varied between 6.983mgL-1 and 24.858mgL-1, Turbidity varied between 16.583mgL-1 and 48.867mgL-1 and Secchi depth varied between 0.104mgL-1 and 0.375mgL-1 over the study period considering the two lakes during pre and post monsoon seasons. The band ratios of the reflected spectra at R670/R710, R710/R740 and R710/R550 are used for the development of the mathematical model of chlorophyll-a, Turbidity and Secchi depth respectively. The trained sets of the pixels extracted from the hyperspectral data for pure spectra are processed for preparing the water quality distribution maps. When subjected to multi-variant statistical tests of significance, the models have yielded satisfactory R2 values. The model versus in situ analysis results demonstrated R2= 0.81% for Chlorophyll-a, R2= 0.81%  for Turbidity and R2= 0.78% for Secchi depth correlation and that of model versus satellite data exhibited R2= 0.60% for Chlorophyll-a, R2= 0.66% for Turbidity and R2= 0.65 %  for Secchi depth mean efficiency. […]


  • At Attention: What Student Veteran Mission Statements Say About Public Flagships

    Expanding Wilson, Meyer, and McNeal’s (2012) work focusing on university mission statements, this study further explicates the values expressed by public flagship institutions (n = 50) through the linguistic examination of student veteran services mission statements disseminated by student veterans services offices, representing a gap in the literature. A quantitative linguistic analysis reveals only 24% of student veteran services offices feature official mission statements on their websites, these mission statements do not support extant research or the U.S. Department of Education’s guidelines for supporting student veterans, and mission statements do not directly address student veterans, evidenced by first- and third-person pronouns. Implications for student veteran support and adult learning are addressed. […]

  • Influence of Academics’ Designation and Experience on their Job Satisfaction in Universities in Rift Valley Region of Kenya

    Institutions of higher learning, universities in particular recognise staffing as a vital part of the management process to ensure the success of universities and the education sector as a whole. The education sector is responsible for developing a sustainable pool of highly trained, skilled and competent human resource capital, and universities are charged with the provision of relevant quality education and ought to foster national cohesion and integration. In fulfilling this mandate however, it is important to have job satisfaction guarantees through correct placements for academics which will ensure committed and stable workforce. It is the aim of this paper to find out the influence that designation and experience of academics’ has on their job satisfaction. The study targeted chartered public and private universities in the Rift Valley Region (RVR), Kenya. The study population consisted of university management, deans and lecturers from the selected universities. The study employed convergent parallel mixed methods design with random and systematic sampling techniques to select the respondents. Purposive sampling was also used to select information-rich cases. Data collection instruments were questionnaires, interview guides and document analysis guide. Analysis was done using descriptive statistics, Pearson correlation coefficient and t-test, One-way Analysis of Variance and regression coefficients.  It was established that the dons with the most experience were highly satisfied in their job. Job designation was a significant determinant on perceived job satisfaction levels among the academic staff with the professors demonstrating the highest job satisfaction. […]

  • Demographic Factors Affecting Teachers’ Job Satisfaction and Performance in Private Primary Schools in Yei Town, South Sudan

    Job satisfaction is an important construct to the field of organizational behavior and the practice of human resource management. Schools are no exception to the list of organizations ensuring teachers’ job satisfaction therefore becomes inevitable if schools have to record good performances. This paper aims at examining some of the demographic factors affecting job satisfaction of teachers in private primary schools and their consequent performance. To attain this objective; the authors carried out a survey study in private schools in Yei town, South Sudan. Simple random sampling technique was used to select the respondents from ten private schools in the town. A total of 110 respondents were considered for the study constituting 10 head teachers and 100 teachers from each of the 10 schools. Questionnaires were used for data collection. Data was then analysed by the use of Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) version 12.0 and presented in frequencies and percentages. The factors identified included gender, age bracket, educational level, pay and length of service of teachers.  Based on the findings, it is apparent that certain demographic factors have a significant influence on the level of job satisfaction of teachers in private schools. […]

  • Impact of Working Conditions on Teacher’s Job Satisfaction and Performance in the Private Primary Schools in Yei Town, South Sudan

    In South Sudan, teachers have become constant objects of ridicule whenever analysis of examinations is conducted. The poor and deplorable working conditions are among other factors contributing to teachers’ levels of job dissatisfaction. This paper examines the impact of working conditions on teacher’s job satisfaction and performance in the private primary schools in Yei town, South Sudan. The authors employ a survey design in private schools in Yei town, South Sudan to establish how working conditions affect job satisfaction of teachers and performance in private primary schools. Simple random sampling technique was used to select the respondents from ten private schools. The respondents therefore included 10 head teachers, 100 teachers giving a total of 110 respondents. Questionnaires were used for data collection. Data collected was analysed by the use of Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) version 12.0 was and presented in frequencies and percentages and a regression analysis performed to establish the relationships among the variables. The study concluded that the inadequacy of school facilities led to teachers’ dissatisfaction with their job. […]

  • Influence of Extracurricular Activities on Attachment, Emotion Regulation and Career Aspirations in Adolescents

    The term extracurricular activities are defined as any structured activity supervised by one or more adults outside regular school hours or the home. Attachment is an enduring emotional bond which an individual forms to another person. Emotion regulation refers to how we try to influence which emotions we have, when we have them, and how we experience and express these emotions. Career aspirations are defined as long-term individual work related goals. Non-probability purposive sampling was used to select a sample of 230 adolescents aged 12 to 16 years. They were divided into three groups: not involved, moderately involved and highly involved in extracurricular activities. The study adopts a factorial design to determine whether there are any main and interactional effects of the level of involvement in extracurricular activities and gender on attachment, emotion regulation and career aspirations in adolescents. The study also adopts a correlational design to determine if the dimensions of attachment and emotion regulation predict career aspirations among adolescents who are not involved, moderately involved and highly involved in extracurricular activities The results showed an influence of involvement in extracurricular activities on adolescents’ mother attachment, father attachment and peer attachment, and career aspirations. Further, adolescents who are highly involved in extracurricular activities were found to be high on alienation. The predictors for career aspirations and its dimension among adolescents who are not involved and moderately involved were found to be peer attachment and its dimensions. However, for those who are highly involved in extracurricular activities, the predictors for career aspirations were found to be mother and father attachment dimensions. The study recommends encouraging adolescents’ participation in extracurricular activities for positive youth development. […]

  • Perceived Social Support, Career Aspiration and School Engagement of First Generation Learners and Second Generation Learners

    The term ‘first generation learners’ refers to students who are first ones in their entire family togo to school and receive an education. The present study is quantitative study which adopts afactorial design in which first-and second generation learners and gender are treated as theIndependent Variables, and perceived social support and its dimensions, career aspirations andits dimensions and student school engagement and its dimensions are considered as DependentVariables. The present study also adopts a correlational design to determine whether perceivedsocial support and career aspirations predict student school engagement in first and secondgeneration learners (girls and boys). Non-probability purposive sampling technique was used toselect a sample of 150 first generation learners and 150 second generation learners fromHyderabad. Results showed that there were significant differences between the two groups withrespect to career aspirations, educational aspirations and leadership aspirations. Significantgender differences were observed with respect to belonging support and educational aspirations. Stepwise regression analyses showed that perceived social support and career aspirations and their dimensions are predictors of student school engagement and its dimensions in both first and second generation learners. Such results highlight the importance of formulating policies to improve the status of first generation learners, taking into consideration their economic status and other cultural and psychological aspects. Workshops for educationalists and school counsellors who may work closely with first-generation students should address issues that may be particularly relevant to this group. […]

  • Peer Instruction in Electromagnetism: The Gender Academic Performance Difference Among Pre-Service Teachers

    Fifty-two students of a college of education were sampled for this study. The sample comprises of thirty male and twenty-two female pre-service teachers. The quasi-experimental method was employed with the pretest-posttest design. Data were collected using Electromagnetism Physics Assessment (EPA). The data gathered were analyzed using Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), descriptive statistics and the independent T-test. The study provided an answer to three research questions. Finding reveals that based on the gender there was no significant difference in academic performance of the pre-service teachers who did not participate in the PI. However, there was a significant difference between male and female pre-service students who took part in the PI. The study has implications for the students teaching and learning of Physics. […]

  • A Study of Academic Achievement in Relation to Mental Health among Pahari Students in Secondary Schools of Poonch District

    The major trust of this study was to examine the academic achievement of pahari students inrelation to their mental health. The present study was carried-out on sample of 200 paharistudents selected from 6 secondary schools of Poonch district of Jammu and Kashmir throughstratified random sampling technique. Mental health scale developed by Dr. Mercy Abraham and Dr. K.C. Baby Prasanna was used to collect required information, while the total marks obtained by the students in the previous class were used as an achievement criterion. Two statistical techniques like Pearson’s product moment method and ‘t’ test were used to analyze the data. The study shows that there is a positive correlation between academic achievement and mental health of students. The result of the study further revealed significant differences between boys and girls as well as rural and urban students in regard to their mental health. On the basis of these findings some suggestions both for practice and further studies have been put forward by the author. […]

  • Re-‘Writing’ and Reconstructing History of Tripura through Image-Text-Culture Representation: An Analysis of Comicbook Senapati Ray Kachag

    This paper attempts to analyze comic book Senapati Ray Kachag based on the fifteenth century chivalrous Reang General of King Dhanyamanikya, as a comprehensive document recording Tripura’s historical and geographical facts, history of art and culture through image and text. It presents a non-conventional and non- canonical history of Tripura. In the course of this paper attempts will also be made to explore the populist appeal of visual texts evidenced by the existing academic pedagogy of comprehending History through story boards. In comic book mould  the historical legend of Tripura, Ray Kachag and his story find an alternative expression using myth, folk-lore, folk life and culture as its ingredients and  reconstructs history concerning oral historical traces defying monolithic ‘writing’ .The inclusion of Jamichalang, a folk hero of Tripura is interesting as he eludes and deludes any historical traces. He is a historical as he denies age and time by resisting the prime determiner of canonical and conventional historical documentation viz. chronology. This paper explores this visual text as an interdisciplinary field of study linking history, culture and literature expanding the frontier of knowledge in the discipline of history. History is always accompanied with some obscurity and half-visibility, and this obscurity in fact, facilitates the canonical history formation that involves the politics of inclusion or exclusion. . Adapting the comic book medium, the writer –illustrator of Senapati Ray Kachag Alak Dasgupta presents a blending of fact and fiction, humour and history. The list of books in acknowledgement section is documented, conventional and canonical history written more or less from the perspective of royalty of Tripura. To consider Senapati Ray Kachag a conventional history or legend would be erroneous as no attempt has been made to situate him in such way so far. This paper thus aims to enforce the idea of folk culture and life of Tripura forming  a distinct thematic perspective,  reconstructing history tracing the presence of a culture  integral to  historical process but absent in  conventional and canonical history. […]

  • Influence of Divorce on Academic Performance of Female Scholars in Masvingo High Schools and Colleges, Zimbabwe

    The aim of this study was to establish the influence of divorce on academic performance of female scholars in Masvingo High Schools and Colleges, Zimbabwe. This interpretive inquiry involved a descriptive survey in order to find out the influence of divorce on the academic performance of female students. In-depth interviews and open-ended questionnaires were used to collect data from forty participants from ten high schools and two colleges. A sample of forty participants was purposively selected from all the institutions. Early teen marriages were established as one of the major causes of divorce as young brides and grooms fail to understand the level of commitment they are expected of. Drug abuse, infidelity, lack of communication, poverty and migration were the factors that caused divorce. The study revealed that divorce like death causes grief and pain to the people involved especially females. It was noted that it is one of the major causes of stress and negatively impacts on academic performance of female scholars. The findings also revealed that most of the study time is spend trying to solve or adjust to the new life style. The study recommends that both the international and national communities to seriously look into the effects of divorce on scholars with the aim of trying to reduce the rate of divorce and its effects on people involved. Legislations that are pro women should be in place as they also severely punish culprits who recklessly break their marriages. […]

  • Use of Corporal Punishment in Relation to Institutional and Personal Variables of Teachers

    Corporal punishment is ingrained in schools worldwide as a normal disciplinary measure despite the legal ban on it in around 125 countries and India is one of these. Studies and media reports have shown a high prevalence rate (around 40% to 99.9%) across different parts of India.  The unequal rate of punishment may be associated with school contexts. Therefore, it was intended to identify those institutional variables and teachers characteristics which determine the difference in the rate of use of corporal punishment. For this, data was collected from 202 teachers from 84 schools of Punjab. Results indicate that institutional variable such as school type, its location, organizational climate and personal variables of teachers, namely, their gender, marital status teaching experience, job satisfaction of teachers cause a difference in frequency of use of corporal punishment by teachers in schools. In this paper, the probable factors associated with these variables have also been explored. […]

  • Gender Based Correlational Study between Multiple Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence

    The study aims to find the relationship between male and female students at senior secondary level corresponding to their multiple intelligence and emotional intelligence. A sample of 250 boys and 250 girls studying in four senior secondary schools of Meerut city was randomly selected. Multiple Intelligence scale by the investigator herself and Emotional Intelligence Scale by Arun Kumar & Prof. Suraksha was used. Difference between male and female students corresponding to their relationship between multiple intelligence and emotional intelligence was determined by applying product moment correlation and significance of r (referred by H.E. Garret). After analysis of data it was found that there exists no significant relationship between male and female students with reference to multiple intelligence and emotional intelligence.&nbs […]

  • Design and Process of Learning Making Machete as a Model of Community Participation in the Democratic Learning- Based Thematic Task

    Learning that emphasize science process can be developed optimally utilizing the environment as a learning resource, as well as community involvement as a resource Community members or parents of students have the knowledge, skills and values associated with a particular form of activity, utilization of natural resources and social relationships.  The process of science conducted in the environment, being a learning process that comprehensively covers the components of the knowledge, skills and values. Making traditional machete rich with knowledge and skills related to science and math concepts. This study develops science teaching junior high school that focuses on the process of making traditional machete. The experiment was conducted in the village of Gunung, District Central Tabukan, Sangihe, for six months, from March 2015 to August 2015. This study is an example of community participation in the development of students' learning process through thematic task. […]

  • Translation and Dissemination of Chu Ci in the West

    As a new style of verse mainly created by Qu Yuan, Chu Ci is the first anthology of romantic poetry in China. With deeper communication between China and other countries, Chu Ci, as an invaluable treasure in the history of Chinese literature, has been gradually translated, introduced and disseminated around the globe. This paper briefly examines the history and present situation of translation and dissemination of Chu Ci in English-speaking countries, aiming to strengthen the globalization of Chinese culture. […]


  • Determination of Some Physical Properties of Dried Jujube Fruit

    Some physical properties of Iranian Jujube fruit were evaluated. Jujube fruit samples mean values of length, width, thickness were found as 18.005mm, 14.96 mm, 15.26 mm. Arithmetic mean diameter, geometric mean diameter were found as 16.08mm, 16.01 respectively and surface area, Sphericity, porosity, mass, volume, bulk density and true density were also found as: 805.65 mm2 ,89%, 77.2%, 1.45gr, 2.61 cm3 , 0.23gr cm-3, 0.55gr cm-3 respectively. Projected area perpendicular to length, width and thickness were measured as, 152.03 mm2, 220.02 mm2, 271.4mm2 respectively. With comparison between friction coefficients on different surface for Jujube fruit. The results showed that the static coefficient of friction was more than dynamic coefficient of friction.The tests done on the galvanized steel surface, plywood and glass surface. The most coefficient of friction was found on the plywood surface and the least coefficient of friction was measured on the glass surface. […]

  • Quantitative Activity Structure Relationship (QSAR) of a Series of Azetidinones Derived from Dapsone by the Method of Density Functional Theory (DFT)

    This QSAR study, which involved a series of Azetidinones derived from 4,4'-diaminodiphenylsulfone (dapsone), yielded two models based on molecular descriptors and the antibacterial activities Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus.The molecular descriptors were obtained by applying the methods of quantum chemistry at the B3LYP/6-31G (d) level. The statistical indicators of the first model which is a function of the Escherichia coli activity are: the coefficient of determination R2 equals 0.992, the standard deviation S equals 0.342, the Fischer coefficient F equals 185.088 and the cross-validation coefficient Q2CV equals 0.992. Those of the second model showing the activity of Staphylococcus aureus are: the regression coefficient R2= 0.987, a standard deviation S=0.193, the Fischer coefficient F=114.955 and the cross-validation coefficient Q2CV= 0.987. These models have good statistical performances. The quantum descriptors of dipole moment (μ), global softness (σ) and electronegativity (χ) are responsible of the antibacterial activity of the Azetidinones derived from dapsone. In addition, the dipole moment is the priority descriptor for the prediction of the antibacterial activity of the studied compounds. The Eriksson et al. acceptance criteria used for the test set is verified. The values of the dtheo/dexp ratio of the theoretical and experimental activities for the test set tend towards unity. […]